In The Mood For Something Hydrating And Filling? Try Out Athiya Shetty’s Recipe
Image Credit: Pexels. Athiya Shetty

It’s become more important now than ever to keep yourself hydrated. With temperatures rising to 45 degrees across the country, the heat wave is getting to all of us. The only way to protect yourself from this relentless summer is to stay indoors, use a suitable sun protection regime for your skin and hydrate with nourishing smoothies and coolers. The need of the hour is to go beyond hydrating with water, and making sure that your body gets all the minerals and vitamins that it loses out during the day, being exposed to the sun. If you’ve been struggling to find a recipe that works for you, you might want to turn your attention to what the celebrities are doing to hydrate. Keeping a tab on their health regimes and diets, is all the motivation you’ll need to give treat yourself to a #selfcare retreat. 

Athiya Shetty’s Instagram and YouTube channel has some very interesting recipes that one can try out. Recently, the Bollywood actress posted a video in which she gave the recipe for a healthy hydrating drink, full of the goodness of veggies. The nourishing drink is quick and easy to make and will serve as a detox and diet cleanse for all the high calorie eating that you might have engaged over in the past few days. In the video, Athiya can be seen making the drink by putting the ingredients in the blender and taking a sip from the freshly made concoction. She seems to be enjoying the healthy drink. If you’re looking to replicate the recipe of Athiya’s drink, we have got you covered! Here’s how you make this super healthy and hydrating drink. 


  1. Half beetroot 
  2. A small bowl of spinach 
  3. Half tomato 
  4. Half cup of water 
  5. Some ice 
  6. A pinch of pink salt 
  7. Half a lemon 


  1. Put all the ingredients within the blender. Switch it on and let the ingredients turn into a healthy mix. 
  2. Then, pour the healthy drink into a glass. 
  3. Have it immediately to reap maximum benefits of the freshly made drink. 

The benefits of consuming this drink are many. Beetroots are rich in fibres and folates. They are packed with nutrients and minerals and are known to lower blood pressure and improve heart health. Eating spinach can improve eye health, and the vegetable is a great source of iron and calcium. Pink Himalayan Salt is a type of salt that’s pink in colour, found near the Himalayas. It’s a healthier alternative to table salt. It consists of many more minerals than present in white salt. Tomatoes are a great source of Vitamin C, potassium and are packed with antioxidants. Together, all of these ingredients pack a massive health punch into this drink. This drink will help you improve your immunity and will keep you amply hydrated and full. 

If you want to try out some more of such recipes or want a sneak peak into Athiya’s skin care routine, there’s loads of content awaiting on the actress’s Instagram and YouTube handles.