In An Era Of Plant-Based Food, How About Some Vegan Cheese?
Image Credit: Vegan Cashew Cheddar Cheese

The pandemic has taught us a lot about the whole importance of looking at our backyard and relying on greens and even utilising the green waste. This has also helped to turn our kitchen into a sustainable one. The chunk of mindful consumers are now seeing a all new realisation of the side effects that the animal-based diets have and this has seen a paradigm shift in the consumption pattern. Along with the fact those who believe in this whole idea of plant-based food, they think that the plant-based movement is all about doing what is better for the planet and its people.

With all things vegan in the market how about some vegan cheese? The vegan cheesemakers are busy making the world a better place as they keep providing us with some delicious cheesy concoctions. The vegan staples that are available in the market is surely changing the game of cheesy delights that way we used to see it. With cheesemakers drawing inspirations from plant-based milk. The first ever vegan cheese was made in China using fermented tofu.  With cheesemakers finding ways to substitute the regular cheese, even the every own Indian market today is flooded with Vegan Cheese varieties like cheddar, mozzarella, cheese spread and more. Brands like Bombay Cheese Company, Live yum are few of the example who are walking the path of giving Vegan cheese.

With shifting taste too, consumers are not shying from experimenting. Made from either cashew, almond and oat-based formulations or fermented soy, these also sees the benefits of protein, calcium, vitamin, nutrients and more or rather more benefits by being dairy free. As long as the consumer feels that they are getting the taste, quality and benefits of this cheese, vegan cheese will make it’s mark in the market.  With all process of fermenting then mixing with select cultures and enzymes, vegan cheese might be the next thing you bite when you having your next bid sandwich.