If Looking For Weight Loss, Try Fruits Like Guavas To Watermelon
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As important as it is to consume vegetables as part of our daily diets, fruits also play a crucial role in providing a body with well-rounded nutrition. Whether it is eaten as a snack or at breakfast, eating a minimum of two varieties of fruit in a day provides the body with necessary nutrition. Many local cultures across India have made fruits a part of regional delicacies to take full advantage of its flavour and textures. However, fruits are also extremely beneficial to people who are on their fitness journey and these seven types of fruit should be a must-have in their diets. While the USDA recommends consuming a limited portion of fruit a day, it is crucial that they are eaten to help with many lifestyle challenges.


Low in calories and high in fibre, apples are a fruit that is well-known to be a fat burner. Consuming an apple first thing in the morning provides the body with immunity as well as a slow release of fructose into the blood, which provides energy. One of the fruit’s natural compounds known as polyphenol extract is known to be excellent in reducing inflammation as well as maintain good cholesterol levels. It has been proven in the past that eating a whole apple, compared to juicing it, results in reduced hunger levels and appetite, keeping one full for longer.


A highly favoured fruit for weight watchers, pomegranates are beneficial in clearing out toxins from the body. Snacking on a cup of pomegranate seeds every other day can help benefit considerably to reduce cravings for junk food since it can be eaten as a low-calorie snack that is high on fibre and water content. Pomegranate seeds are an excellent source of nutrition to help prevent arthritis as well as improve digestion. When combined with yoghurt, in a raita, the dish is a great probiotic and coolant for the summer months.


Both – white and pink guavas – have equal nutritional benefits to offer. Best enjoyed in both, raw as well as ripe forms depending on preference, guavas boost the metabolic rate of the body, which is responsible for burning calories quicker. Guavas also prevent the tendency to binge-eat with its high fibre ratio, while also controlling the daily calorific intake. Additionally, guavas encourage the production of good cholesterol in the body as well as balance blood sugar levels.


This sweet and tangy summer fruit is loaded with antioxidants which flush toxins out of the body. Pineapples famously contain high levels of manganese, a mineral needed for better absorption of calcium in the body. Consuming a small portion of pineapples on an empty stomach in the mornings also helps in keeping blood sugar levels in check as well as promotes a healthy digestive system. The vitamin C rich fruit fortifies bone strength as well as protects the system from muscular degeneration as a natural cause for ageing.

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Considered to be one of the healthiest food items for people with weight issues and lifestyle ailments to consume, watermelons are high in water content and low in sugar. With nearly no fat content, watermelons hardly have any calorific value with one wedge of watermelon providing the body with 4% of its daily fibre needs. Watermelons are also rich in vitamins A, B and C, which prevents cancer and improves heart health. Consuming a glass of watermelon juice or eating a large bowl of the fruit in the evenings, are a great way to stay cool in the summers.


Rich in vitamin C, oranges are a great fruit for oral health as well as overall wellness. The citrus fruit which is available in abundance during the winters, controls the body’s capacity for fat metabolism and helps burn it. Oranges also reducing bloating that might be a consequence of overeating while also keeping one full for many hours and reduce cravings. Consuming an orange as part of a fruit bowl or salad, is one of the most delicious ways to enjoy this juicy fruit.

Seasonal Fruits

Our tropical country is blessed with a bounty of seasonal fruit that changes with the seasons. From mangoes and jamun in the summer to stone fruits like cherry and plums in the monsoon and oranges, custard apples and grapes during the winters, we’re faced with quite the variety to pick and choose from. As part of nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar’s 12-Week Fitness Project, she suggests consuming a seasonal fruit on an empty stomach in the morning to cut down sugar cravings through the day. Eating a portion of seasonal fruit as a pre or post-workout meal is also highly beneficial.