Idiyappam For Breakfast? Try These Varieties And Tips To Perfect

Idiyappam, also known as string hoppers, is a South Indian delicacy that has transcended regional boundaries to become a beloved breakfast option for many. These delicate and intricately woven rice noodles bring a unique texture and flavour to the breakfast table. The simplicity of idiyappam allows for versatile culinary experiments, making it a starting point for various flavours and combinations. Let's learn the art of perfecting idiyappam and explore different types that add a delicious twist to your breakfast experience. 

Tips to Perfect Idiyappam  

Flour Consistency: Making sure the rice flour has the correct consistency is very important. To make a soft, non-sticky dough, combine it with salt and hot water. The idiyappam will retain its form and be easy to shape in this way. 

Use a Press: Think about purchasing in an idiyappam press to achieve those delicate, thread-like noodles. By passing the dough through tiny holes, idiyappam acquires its unique swirls, which lend it a one-of-a-kind look. 

Steaming Technique: Make sure to steam the idiyappam right after pressing it to keep it moist and delicious. Steam the noodles for approximately 10-15 minutes until they are fully cooked but still have a slight firmness. 

Oil Coating: To prevent sticking, it's a good idea to lightly coat the idiyappam with oil after steaming. This also adds a delicate touch that elevates the overall flavour. 

Serve Fresh: Idiyappam is most delicious when eaten immediately after it is steamed. Enjoy it warm with a range of delicious accompaniments to enhance your breakfast experience. 

Different Types of Idiyappam to Try 

Plain Idiyappam

The traditional recipe that highlights the delicate taste of rice flour. Coconut milk, vegetable stew, or even just a basic coconut chutney would be the perfect accompaniment. 

Ragi Idiyappam

In order to give your idiyappam a more nutritional twist, try using the deliciousness of ragi, often known as finger millet. Ragi idiyappam not only imparts a flavour that is reminiscent of nuts, but it also raises the overall healthiness of the dish. 

Lemon Idiyappam

With the addition of lemon juice and grated lemon zest to the idiyappam dough, you can give your breakfast a blast of zesty freshness that will make your mouth water. If you want to create a wonderful mix, serve with coconut chutney. 

Coconut Milk Idiyappam

Soak the steamed idiyappam in rich and creamy coconut milk for an indulgent treat. Top with jaggery or a sprinkle of sugar for a sweet variation, or pair with a spicy curry for a savory twist. 

Vegetable Idiyappam

Incorporate a variety of vibrant veggies into your idiyappam batter. The addition of carrots, peas, and beans improves the aesthetics while also providing nutritious value and a crisp texture. 

Spicy Pepper Idiyappam

Add some heat to the idiyappam dough by mixing in some freshly ground black pepper. Tangy tomato-based gravies or spicy coconut chutney go wonderfully with this variant.