4 Iconic Dessert Shops In Kolkata
Image Credit: Dessert Shops In Kolkata

When it comes to sweets, how can you forget the 'city of joy'? It is often said that the Kolkatians are very sweet, and this is because of their immense love for eating sweets. Well, you can get desserts from any sweet shop in Kolkata. But today, we are sharing some heritage sweet shops to know Kolkata's natural taste. So when in Kolkata, you must visit these four shops where you can taste everything from Rasgulla to Sandesh. 

KC Das 

Do you want to taste the best Rasgulla of your life? Then do visit KC Das sweet corner once. Here you will get to see and eat some of the best varieties of Rasgulla. Apart from it, you can also taste Chom Chom, Mishti Doi, Lal Mohan etc. Apart from this, sugar-free sweets are also available here. Do you know KC Das is one of the most popular confectioners in Kolkata? The foundation of this shop was laid in 1866 by Nobin Chandra Das, father of KC Das. Later in 1930, KC Das opened his first shop and made Rasmalai which people loved. Many branches of KC Das are present in Esplanade East, Shyambazar, Lake Town, South Kolkata and Jodhpur Park etc. Not only this, but it also has branches in many parts of Karnataka and Chennai. 

Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick

It is one of the ancient sweet shops in Kolkata, with many branches in the city. The original outlet of Balaram Mullick and Radharaman Mullick is located at Paddapukur Road, Bhawanipur. You can taste Chenna Payesh, Sarbhaja, Kesar Rasgulla, Kaacha Gola, Sitabhog, Mishti Doi, etc. If you are going here in the summer, do not forget to eat mango sweets like Aam Sandesh and Mango Doi. 

Sen Mahasaya

You will get the traditional taste of Bengal sweets at the Sen Mahasaya shop located in Bhaduri Street, Kolkata. Here you can enjoy many sweets, including Dorbesh, Monmatano, Monohora, Ratabi Sandesh and Abar Khabo. Sen Mahasaya's sweet shop has three outlets apart from Bhaduri Street in Kolkata.


Mouchak might not be that old, but it serves all those traditional Bengali sweets that you might have never heard of. So if you come to Gariahat Road for shopping, you must taste the sweets of this shop. Although you will also get to eat many types of snacks, the variety of Sandesh here is fantastic.