ICMR Releases New Guidelines About Junk Food & Women’s Fitness

In collaboration with the National Institute of Nutrition, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) released guidelines indicating an ideal dietary pattern for working women and mothers, whose hectic lifestyles left them with very little time to workout. As part of the 17 key measures suggested in the report, the issues of unhealthy diet practices and mislabelling of food products leading to health concerns were highlighted. Dedicating a specific chart for women – working and otherwise, the guidelines also feature diet chart details and key issues that urban women are faced with on a daily basis.

Taking into account the sedentary lifestyle of women with a BMI of 18-5-23 (approx.. 55 kgs), the chart suggested the following:

Breakfast [470 K-Cal]:

  • Soaked and boiled whole grains - 60g
  • Boiled red/black beans/lobia,/chickpea - 30g
  • Green leafy vegetables - 50g
  • Nuts - 20g

Lunch [740 K-Cal]:

  • Cereals - 80g
  • Pulses - 20g
  • Vegetables - 150g
  • Green leafy vegetables - 50g
  • Nuts/oil seeds - 10g in curries with cooking oil (15g)
  • Curd/paneer - 150ml
  • Fruits - 50g

Dinner [415 K-Cal]:

  • Cereals - 60g
  • Pulses - 15g
  • Vegetables - 50g
  • Oil - 5g
  • Curd - 100ml
  • Fruits - 50g

Evening Snack [35 K-Cal]:

  • Milk - 50 ml

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Apart from the detailed chart, the report also suggests that women must choose whole, fresh, unprocessed foods over foods containing high amounts of oil and sugar. Practicing portion control and eating balanced meals were also amongst some of the measures prescribed by the ICMR, towards building a sustainable and healthy lifestyle for women.