Hyderabad’s Heritage Eateries That Offer A Dose Of Nostalgia
Image Credit: Instagram/suryakantsoni. Haleem at Paradise, a restaurant in Hyderabad.

While Hyderabad is known for its biryani, the food culture of the city goes beyond the beloved dish. There’s everything from paya to haleem, and classics like bun malai served with chai. From cafes to restaurants, a few establishments in the city have been around for decades, and some have been around for more than a hundred years. We list Hyderabad’s heritage eateries that offer a dose of nostalgia:


Established in 1953, Paradise began as a humble canteen and cafe with only 100 seats. Back then, the menu featured traditional Hyderabadi cuisine and small bites. Soon, the food at Paradise became popular among the city’s residents, which led to upgrades until finally, it was converted to an air-conditioned restaurant in 1983. Now, even people from outside of Hyderabad visit the restaurant for its biryani. Celebrities like Amir Khan and Sachin Tendulkar have been known to visit the place. 

Location: Mahatma Gandhi Road, Sappu Bagh Apartment, Jogani, Ramgopalpet, Secunderabad. 

Timings: Daily, 11am-11pm.

Cost for two: ₹400

Hotel Shadab

Image credit: Instagram/foodincity._


In Urdu, ‘shadab’ translates to ‘fresh’, ‘evergreen’, ‘joyful’ and ‘prosperous’. Hotel Shadab was first operated as a cafe in 1953, and then went on to become a place where people could convene over chai and Osmania biscuits. Shadab Persis, a multi-cuisine restaurant, opened on the first floor of the cafe in 1983. The place has gone on to win awards for its haleem and the nihari, paya, munshi naan, chicken keema and biryani are also well-known. Even today, the tea and biscuits here remain a major attraction.

Location: Madina Circle, 21-1-140-144, Near High Court, High Court Road, Charminar, Ghansi Bazaar, Hyderabad.

Timings: Daily, 5.30am-12.30am.

Cost for two: ₹800

Cafe Niloufer

Patrons line up outside Cafe Niloufer for a traditional breakfast that consists of bun malai and chai, which is often sold out early in the morning. The place has been serving hungry diners for decades. It gained popularity when Babu Rao, a former janitor at the cafe, was appointed to manage things in 1976. The taste of the chai here has remained consistent over the years. Try the bun maska and irani chai if the bun malai is sold out. The Osmania biscuits are also a treat. 

Location: V.P., 11-5-422/C/B, Red Hills Road, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad.

Timings: Daily, 6am-12.30am.

Cost for two: ₹400


Hameedi has been serving traditional Hyderabadi sweets for over a century. Back in 1913, Hameedi was a street trolley manned by Muhammad Hussain whose created a dessert that was a combination of soaked barley, ghee, nutmeg, sugar, spices and saffron. The story goes that Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan Asaf Jah VII visited the trolley and enjoyed the sweet treat so much that he named it after king Hameed of Turkey, a relative of his. The jouzi halwa here is very popular, and the phirni and badam halwa are also worth trying. 

Location: 120/2, Abids Road, Gun Foundry, Basheer Bagh, Hyderabad. 

Timings: Daily, 10am-11pm.

Cost for two: ₹500