Hyderabad Woman Sells Unlimited Non-Veg Thali At Just ₹80; Netizens Love It
Image Credit: Source: Pixabay

The world is full of kind people who bring smiles to our faces with their kind acts. A small act of kindness can go a long way. And for us foodies, a delicious meal is the best way to put a smile on our faces. And thanks to the internet, we get enough reasons to smile wide. With the myriad food trends going up on the web every single day, we know the internet can never not make an impression, good or bad. Joining the bandwagon is this video of a Hyderabadi woman selling unlimited non-veg thali at just ₹80. Don’t believe us? Take a look yourself:

In this video uploaded by the Instagram food blogger, who goes by the username @tastydrips, a woman is seen selling meals at reasonable prices. In her streetside stall, she is seen selling eight varieties of rice along with some vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies - five non-veg curries, three veg curries and a chutney. She claims to be selling food for over three decades now. Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered around 539k views, 21k likes and hundreds of comments.

The netizens are quite pleased and happy with the reasonable price and the delicious varieties. The comments section is filled with comments from happy netizens. A user commented, “Hyderabad always got ample options for food and everything there is just wonderful😍”, while another commented, “India ke har jagaa main honna chahiye aisa stall 🥲💔 hamare kismat main toh aise reels dekhna he likha hai 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲”.

If you want to relish these delicious meals at just ₹80, head to the stall beside ITC Kohenur, opposite Inorbit Mall, in Hyderabad. Try it out and let us know how you like it. Also, don’t forget to try the delicious meal recipes we have in store for you.