Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine Mode On; Bulks Up With A Special Diet
Image Credit: Hugh Jackman/Instagram, The actor is transforming into the Wolverine character with a calorie-rich diet.

At 54, Hugh Jackman is one of the fittest actors in Hollywood. His fitness regime and well-planned workout sessions and diet are the reasons that he is one of the most ideal actors to be cast in superhero movies in the Marvel universe. Earlier, the actor achieved a breakthrough in his career after playing Logan in the X-men series, and now it’s time to showcase what he’s got for the third part of Deadpool.

The actor is a complete foodie, so we aren’t surprised that he’s really enjoying this time spent preparing for his new role. Since he needs to have a huge build to suit the character, he is bulking up on about 8000 calories a day. While he started off with about 5000–6000 calories at the beginning of the year, as the time of shooting nears, he has increased his calorie intake manifold.

What does he eat? As per his recent Twitter post, where he shared details of the six meals he has been consuming on a daily basis, there seems to be a lot of protein on the menu. His diet consists of two chicken burgers, which are about 1,000 calories each; two grass-fed sirloins, which are a little more than 2,000 calories each; black bass; Patagonia salmon; and much more, as per a report by Variety.

                Source: Hugh Jackman/Twitter

The Twitter post was captioned, "Bulking. A day in the life. Thank you, Chef Mario, for helping me stay healthy and properly fed whilst .. Becoming. Wolverine. Again." Since he is reprising the role of the mutant hero, he needs to get back into shape and gain those extra pounds by scarfing down plenty of calories a day. In one of the talk shows, he also revealed that he doesn’t believe in the idea of steroids and, therefore, hasn’t taken them to fit into his new role. In fact, he believes that the physical preparation might take a toll on your health, so you should do it the natural way.