How To Use Green Almonds In More Ways Than One
Image Credit: Photo: Shirley Cheng

Green almonds might not be our first choice. After all, we are not used to seeing green almonds around. It is true that green almonds often get ignored. Unless you especially know who to contact, it is very unlikely that these green almonds will appear in front of you out of the blue. They won’t even be found in grocery stores nine out of ten times.  

Photo: Ulleo

Perhaps you want to find them because you heard somewhere that green almonds have tremendous culinary value. You have no idea what they are. But you have chosen to be curious and want to find out. We guarantee you that every word is true. Green almonds have a delicate flavour. The soft green and velvety exterior is edible too. You can toss green almonds into main dishes and even beverages, without removing the skins. A lot of people compare the appearance of these almonds to olives. 

In cooking, these green almonds bring a nice complexity to the dish. They can be used in more ways than one. As for the fresh ones, the exterior is slightly tart; you might find yourself comparing it to a green apple. But the other thing to remember is what you taste finally depends on the kind of ingredients you combine with green almonds. For instance, the addictiveness of eating green almonds will grow on you, after sautéing them in olive oil and then sprinkling with salt. It makes a light snack, and the additional ingredients enrich the flavour green almonds. They make a perfect snack for cocktail hour. 

If you are fascinated by the fuzzy exterior, you could even remove the almonds and toss the skins in the oil. Then, combine the skins with shredded mozzarella and olive oil to make a salad. We highly recommend this way of making use of green almonds. While you can enjoy the sautéed almonds as a light snack, you can eat the salad as a meal for lunch or dinner. Another way to enjoy green almonds is to slit the almonds and toss them in pesto or tomato sauce for pastas. Best enjoyed with some juicy vegetables that are sauteed and served with rice too.  

If you want to make a beverage out of green almonds, then we recommend blending them in milk or yoghurt along with spinach, green apple and kale to make a smoothie. Or, you can toss these green almonds in water and make yourself a glass of juice. Another way to enjoy the amazing flavour of green almonds is to toss them in soups. Butternut squash and green almonds maybe?  

We hope that you’ll consider using green almonds in your recipes!