How To Treat Asthma With Ayurvedic Remedies?
Image Credit: Treat Asthma With Ayurveda

Asthma is a condition in which you feel difficulty in breathing due to blockage in your airways. Breathing is an essential activity for living life, and if interrupted, it can be fatal. Causes of asthma can be pollution, smoke from factories, cold, flu, smoking, allergies, excessive drug and alcohol usage etc. However, here we are telling how to treat Asthma in natural ayurvedic ways.

  • Turmeric: Modern science believes that the consumption of cumin found in turmeric provides relief in bronchial asthma. In addition, many diseases can be avoided by adding a spoonful of turmeric to daily food. Do you know that turmeric is initially used in potli massage, mud baths etc.? 
  • Honey: Honey is often used to soothe the throat and reduce cough. You can mix honey with a warm drink such as herbal tea to relieve your symptoms. In addition, honey has properties that can reduce your throat inflammation and asthma symptoms. 
  • Ginger: Ginger, which helps keep diseases away, is also helpful in reducing asthma. It is another herb that has properties to deal with severe asthma. Ginger supplements are also associated with improvement in asthma symptoms.  

  • Garlic: According to a study, garlic contains anti-inflammatory properties, which are very good for your health. And as asthma is an inflammatory disease, garlic can help relieve your symptoms, discomfort caused by it. 
  • Mulethi: Liquorice is a very effective herb that helps in getting rid of various throat diseases. Along with Ayurveda, liquorice has also been mentioned in Chinese medicine to relax the respiratory tract. 


Panchakarma is a procedure in which a total of 5 Ayurvedic methods are followed. By following these rules, all the toxins get released from your body. Therefore, after the process of Panchakarma, they become healthier than before. It is believed that whatever obstruction occurs in the respiratory tract is discharged after Panchakarma. Similarly, by taking advantage of such ayurvedic services, you can also get rid of asthma.