Gajar Ka Halwa: 5 Easy Ways To Preserve This Carrot-Based Dessert
Image Credit: Gajar Ka Halwa Preservation

With the onset of the winter season, I only wait for my favourite dessert, and that is, 'gajar ka halwa'. So I especially insist my mother bring red-juicy carrots from the market to make the halwa tasty. Unfortunately, apart from my mother's gajar ka halwa, I can only have it at the 'Kaleva Sweets' in Gole Market, Delhi. The best thing about this gajar halwa is that it doesn't need to be consumed on the same day, and you can preserve it for a few days. At the same time, various other halwas get spoiled if they are not finished on the same day. However, your method of storage should be suitable. If you preserve the gajar halwa properly, you will get the same taste even after a week. So let us tell you how to preserve and maintain gajar halwa well.

Refrigerate in airtight containers

Gajar ka halwa should be kept in an airtight container and inside the refrigerator. Avoid opening the box again and again; instead, open it only when you have to eat the halwa. Not even by mistake, i.e. never keep the box of gajar halwa outside the fridge as this can spoil it.

P.S. Gajar ka halwa can be stored for a week in the refrigerator.

Don't use milk

Several people add milk while making gajar ka halwa. However, if you want, it can also be made without milk. For this, you have to dry the water from the carrots and thaw them well. You will not need to add milk to the carrot halwa by doing this. However, do you know that the taste of gajar halwa changes in two to three days by adding milk?

Avoid too much khoya

Do you add too much khoya while cooking gajar ka halwa? Then do not do so if you want to preserve it. Khoya is also made from milk, and adding it in excess quantity spoils the halwa causing sourness in its taste. If you like khoya in your halwa, you should eat it fresh by putting it on top while serving.

Avoid reheating

Garam garam gajar ka halwa tastes heaven in the winter season. However, repeatedly heating the halwa can also spoil it. Therefore, if you want garam halwa, heat the dessert separately as much as you want to eat. Do not reheat the whole halwa again and again. 

Add dry fruits while serving

Do you also put dry fruits along while cooking gajar ka halwa? With this, the fresh halwa tempts us to eat, but after two days, its taste changes. Therefore, if you like dry fruits in gajar halwa, add them while eating or serving.