7 Tips To Keep The Coffee Beans Fresh For Longer Time
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Whole coffee beans are kept much better than ground coffee. If stored properly, beans keep fresh for about a month, whereas ground coffee stays fresh for about 2 weeks. However, the flavour and quality do get worse over time. How quickly the coffee loses its flavour and aroma depends on storage. Keeping beans and grounds away from air, heat, light, and moisture is ideal for preservation. While properly stored coffee may last for years without spoiling, the taste and aroma will fade.    

Coffee beans need to be protected from light, heat, moisture, and air to stay fresh. The best way to store them is in an airtight container. This keeps out light and air. Opened packages of beans should be tightly sealed and used within 2 weeks. Ground coffee goes stale faster than whole beans. The maximum shelf life for ground coffee is 2 weeks if you store it in an airtight container. To keep ground coffee as fresh as possible, it's best to only grind beans right before brewing coffee. Here are some useful tips for storing coffee.  

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7 Useful Tips For Storing Coffee Fresher For Longer

Always Avoid Storing Coffee In The Fridge 

Coffee beans are like sponges, soaking up any smell around them. Storing coffee in the refrigerator exposes the beans to all the smells inside - leftover pizza, fish, meat, cheese—you name it. Those scents get absorbed into the coffee, ruining the pure coffee aroma and taste. For freshness, always keep coffee in an airtight container in a dry spot, away from the refrigerator.   

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Avoid Glass Jars 

The type of jar you choose makes a big difference. Transparent jars let in light, which speeds up staling. Non-transparent jars block light, but air exposure is still an issue. The jar must have an airtight seal to prevent air from getting in. Air causes oxidation, which ruins taste. This blocks light while also sealing out air to stop oxidation.    

Keep Coffee Away From Windows And Warm Places 

Coffee is sensitive to light and heat, which can cause it to lose flavour quickly. Storing your coffee beans or ground coffee near windows, stoves, or ovens exposes them to too much light and warmth. Direct sunlight streaming through windows also degrades the beans. For the best-tasting coffee, store it in a cool, dark place away from heat sources like ovens and windows.    

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Store In Smaller Portions 

To keep coffee beans as fresh as possible, it's best to store them in small batches rather than one large container. Once a bag of coffee is opened, the beans start to lose their flavour and aroma. Storing the beans in multiple small, airtight containers and only opening what you need at the time prevents the rest of the beans from being exposed to air, moisture, and light. This helps lock in the rich, complex flavours that make a truly great cup of coffee.   

Always Use A Non-Reactive Container 

When storing coffee, the container you use is crucial for preserving freshness. Always go for non-transparent, airtight containers made of non-reactive materials like glass, ceramic, stainless steel, or tin. Other metals and plastics can have the wrong impact on flavour by reacting with coffee oils. These non-reactive materials don't interfere with the coffee's taste or aroma.   

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Store In A Cool And Dry Place 

To keep your coffee fresh, store it somewhere cool and dry. Heat, moisture, and air make coffee go stale faster. Your kitchen cabinets or freezer work well. Don't use the fridge! Keeping coffee dry is key.   

Buy Less, Buy Local 

Buying coffee locally and in small amounts ensures the freshest, most flavourful cup. Though buying large bags may seem more economical, the last cups often taste dull and stale. 

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Getting weekly or biweekly supplies from a neighbourhood roaster minimises waste and disappointment. The short time from roasting to brewing preserves the coffee.