Kitchen Hacks: How To Remove Sweetness From Potatoes?
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Potatoes can make any vegetable tasty. But, of course, you need to peel and cut before putting them in your sabzi. But, just as many people take various measures to remove the bitterness from bitter gourd, they also search for tricks to remove the sweetness from potatoes. For example, once I bought too many potatoes at once, most of them became sweet over time. I still remember that I had to try various techniques to get rid of its sweetness. So, today I'll tell you some kitchen hacks, using which you can easily remove the sweetness of potatoes.

Use sour foods

A simple way to reduce the sweetness of potatoes is that you can use sour substances while preparing the vegetable. This helps to get rid of sweetness to a great extent. For this, you can use orange, curd, lemon juice etc. Apart from this, you can also remove the sweetness of potatoes by using common salt while boiling potatoes in water.

Use sweet soda

Sweet soda has always been used in Indian kitchens to make sweets or other dishes. Let us tell you that even with the help of sweet soda, you can remove the sweetness of potatoes. For this:

  • Peel and cut the potato into slices.
  • Then, prepare a mixture of water and sweet soda in the vessel.
  • After preparing the mixture, put potato slices in it for some time.

After that, you can use it for making vegetables.

Use vinegar

You can very easily remove the sweetness by using vinegar. For this, sometime before preparing the vegetable:

  • Put the potato in a vessel add three to four mugs of water and one to two spoons of vinegar liquid.
  • You can also peel the potatoes and put them in the water and vinegar mixture.

This will quickly remove the sweetness of the potato.

Use rock salt

You can also reduce the sweetness of potatoes to a great extent with the help of rock salt. For this:

  • Fill a pail with lukewarm water, add rock salt, and mix well.
  • After mixing, leave the potatoes in this water for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Now take it out of the water and use it for vegetables.