How To Malai Rolls At Home: 4 Easy Tips To Ace It
Image Credit: Picture credit- Instagram Image By @aronyyyyy

Of the many sweet dishes that we Indians like to savour, malai roll is often regarded as the creamiest. The name itself tells you that this mouth-watering dessert is supposed to be overly rich and creamy. Malai roll is a decadent sweet dish that is prepared with bread slices that are stuffed with fresh khoya/mawa. These succulent bread rolls are then dunked in a creamy rabri and topped off with loads of crunchy nuts and dry fruits. Malai rolls are soft, creamy and can directly melt in the mouth in every bite. Have you tried making this tempting sweet dish yet? If not, you can make it now. Here is a step-by-step guide along with some tips that can help you make it like a pro. 

Stuff The Bread With Fresh Mawa

Take fresh bread slices, cut the corners and roll it. Gently stuff the mawa inside it and roll it again into a cylindrical shape. Always grease the hands with oil and ghee while stuffing. Do not overstuff the mixture or the filling may fall out while rolling. Make it with fresh bread, otherwise it may crumble.

Dunk In Flavorful Rabri

The next step is to dunk the bread rolls into flavourful rabri. Cook the rabri until it reaches a thin consistency. Keep the bread rolls doused in rabi for at least 30 minutes so that the rolls become soft and luscious. 

Top It Off With Dry Fruits

Garnishing the malai roll with rich nuts and dry fruits is something you can’t forget. Besides nuts, you can also top it off with a few saffron strands. Garnishing will bring an extra oomph to this mouth-watering dish. 

Refrigerate And Serve Chilled 

The last thing you have to do is finally refrigerate the sweet dish and leave it there for at least 3-4 hours. This allows the dish to absorb all the flavours well and produce a satisfying end result. Malai roll is always served chilled as it tastes much better.