How To Make Upma; 3 Tips And Tricks To Ace It At Home
Image Credit: Credits: Instagram Image By @pooja_nangare_

There can’t be a better pick than devouring a yummy bowl of upma for breakfast on a lazy day or when we have uncontrollable cravings for a typical South Indian food. This wholesome South Indian delicacy is the easiest and quickest one to put together. Unlike idli, dosa or puttu that take at least an hour or half to make, upma can be made in a jiffy with very little time on our hands. All you have to do is roast semolina in a pan with a couple of aromatic spices, veggies and water and saute it with desi ghee until a perfectly soft and fluffy texture is achieved. For those who are new to the cooking word, here are some tips and tricks that would be of great help to you.  Quickly give it a read.  

1. Roast semolina until brown and aromatic

The first step for making upma is roasting in a pan heated with either ghee or oil.  You must roast the semolina or rava in a pan until it turns slightly brownish in color. You will know it’s roasted well when you can sense an enchanting aroma in your kitchen.  

2. Use colorful veggies for making it extra flavorful  

What are your flavor vegetables? While making upma, add as many vegetables as you can to enhance the taste and flavours of the dish. Choose your favorite vegetables and add them accordingly with the rest of the ingredients. You can cook upma with fresh and tasty vegetables like peas, carrots, and beans. Also, remember that it is totally optional to add vegetables.  

3.Avoid adding too much water while cooking 

While cooking upma, water is used repeatedly while stir-frying all the ingredients together in a pan. Adding too much water can make your upma turn soggy at times. Sufficient amount of water must be added which means it should neither be too much nor too less. In case of less water, upma becomes dry quite easily. The final texture of your upma significantly depends on the ratio of water used.   

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