How To Make Restaurant-Style Manchow Soup: Learn 4 Tips And Tricks
Image Credit: Picture credits: Instagram Image by @scrumptious_nosh

Manchow soup is a flavorful soup found in Indo-Chinese cuisine that is well-known for its two prominent features. It has earned its name due to its easy preparation style and its ultimate tantalizing hot and spicy flavour. It is one of those delicious soups that most of us love ordering whenever we dine out at restaurants. The origins of this beloved soup can be traced to Meghalaya. Manchow soup is dark brown in color which is prepared with a medley of veggies, thickened with broth or corn flour and infused with generous doses of soy sauce, chili peppers, garlic and a hint of ginger.  Isn’t a piping hot bowl of soup all you need in this bitterly cold weather? Whip up a bowl of manchow soup using our four tips and tricks.  

Soy sauce is a must  

Typically, every manchow soup is prepared with soy sauce that acts as one of its prime ingredients. The fiery flavors along with the dark brown color is achieved due to the splash of soy sauce that is mixed during its preparation. Don’t ever forget to add soy sauce otherwise you won’t get the taste and flavors you are looking for.  

Spice it up  

Spice up your soup using chili peppers, green chillies, red chili sauce, soy sauce and any other piquant sauce. You may also add a dash of ginger for additional flavoring and sprinkle black pepper before serving. 

Thicken using corn flour  

There are a lot of times when the consistency of the soup remains thin and watery instead of thick and smooth. In such cases, we advise you to thicken it with corn flour. Use it in correct measurement as per requirement. This tip is mainly for the beginners who aren’t aware that corn flour acts as an ideal thickening agent in soups or stews.  

Serve with crispy Hakka noodles  

Once your soup is ready to serve, pour noodles all over the bowl. Never mix the noodles and keep it covered in the soup otherwise there is a high chance it may turn soggy. Always serve Hakka noodles right before serving.  

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