How To Make Restaurant-Style Garlic Breadsticks? Ace It With These 4 Pro Tips
Image Credit: Picture credits: Instagram image by @what_i8

Be it kids or adults, garlic bread is popular among people from all age groups. Being the perfect accompaniment to our pizzas, garlic bread is loved for a host of reasons - the indulgent taste, instantly dissolving flavours of herbs and cheese and the heartwarming aroma that comes from freshly baked breadsticks. Garlic breadsticks can be easily prepared by kneading a dough using a handful of ingredients, shaping it and letting it bake in an oven. The weekend is not far away, meaning it’s time to get into celebration mode with some irresistible garlic breads. Desire to get perfect restaurant-style garlic breadsticks at home? Here are some quick hacks:

Knead a spongy dough

The first step is to knead a soft yet spongy dough using ingredients like maida, butter, olive oil, garlic strands, yeast and salt. Grease your hands with oil and then slowly knead it until the desired texture is attained. After kneading, leave it aside for proofing.

Stuff with cheese

Once the dough is ready, flatten it into a round shape and then fold it. If you want your garlic bread to be cheesy, before folding you can stuff it with mozzarella cheese or any other cheese you have at home. We recommend you to use mozzarella cheese, as it will give that epic cheese pull which will ultimately make it more tempting and delicious. With the cheese, you can also add some corn to it. 

Season well with herbs

Never forget to season your breadsticks with multiple herbs and spices. Seasoning is a must when it comes to making breadsticks. Use herbs like oregano, thyme, rosemary, chilli flakes and any other seasoning as per your taste and preference. Sprinkle these herbs before and after baking. 

Bake until it turns fluffy

Once everything is ready and your breadsticks are well-shaped, leave it to bake in the oven after setting a timer for 30 minutes. Always remember to brush the surface with oil before baking. Puffing up breadsticks is one of the signs that it's ready. 

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