How To Make Restaurant-Style Dal Makhani At Home
Image Credit: Typically paired with naan or roti, making dal makhani at home is a simple task.

Let’s just admit it that Dal Makhani is indeed one of the most loved north Indian dishes. Rich, creamy and absolutely delicious, dal makhani is a delight for vegetarians not just in India but even abroad. There would be hardly anyone who will say no to a piping hot bowl of creamy dal makhani with a side of naan. No wonder it is a part of every party, acting as an instant mood lifter. Can you imagine a feast without one? We certainly can't.  But did you know that dal makhani wasn't even a part of Indian cuisine until late 1950s-60s? It was invented accidently by Kundan Lal Gujral, founder of Moti Mahal chain of restaurants, who in the late ‘40s was working in Mukhey da Dhaba run by Mokha Singh in Peshawar. When Mokha Singh's health deteriorated he sold the shop to Gujral who renamed it as Moti Mahal and brought it with him to Delhi post-partition.  

Dal makhani was eventually invented in a bid to reuse traditional black urad dal by mixing it with tomato and cream, which was unusual in any Punjabi recipe. He tried out the same strategy to save leftover chicken skewers, which invented butter chicken. Isn’t it amazing how an accident led to invention of two of the most popular North Indian recipes across the world?

Typically paired with naan or roti, making dal makhani at home is a simple task, all you need is patience to slow-cook. Slow-cooking is an art of cooking that takes many such rich and heavenly delicacies a notch higher. Be generous with the cream, after all it is the star of the dish. Another point that many chefs recommend is to soak the dal at least 6 hours before cooking. The more time it is soaked, the better it is.  

So, while you can easily find dal makhani everywhere from a fancy fine-dine to roadside dhabas, the joy of making it at home coupled with the aroma is unmatched. If you are tempted already to make it at home, we’ve got the perfect recipe for you.  

Find the full recipe of Dal Makhani here. Try it at home and share your experience with us.