Chicken Wings, Restaurant-Style, Coming Your Way
Image Credit: It's a perfect time to binge on wings

Chicken wings is one of the best appetizers of all time. They are scrumptious, flavorful and the easiest snack to cook without any fuss. Traditionally, the wings   are deep-fried in oil without breading or flour until they are browned well. Although needless to say, they are always marinated with piquant flavor sauces to boost the flavours that makes it juicy, subtly spicy and mouth-watering. The weekend is here which means it's a perfect time to try your hands at making restaurant-style chicken wings at home. We have got you covered with three best tips and tricks that can serve as a helping hand to you. 

1. Cut the chicken wing carefully  

Before we begin, let us tell you that cutting the chicken wings is not compulsory and totally up to you. Most people prefer cutting the chicken wings because it gives a better final texture and shape. You can trim it from the sides using a sharp knife. If you want you can also brine your chicken wings before cutting which can result in making it more tender and juicy.  

2. Marinate the chicken with piquant sauces 

After you are done with cutting your chicken wings, the next step is to marinade it with sauces and masalas. Toss your chicken wings in a mixture of spices, herbs, olive oil and sauces. You take any sauce for marinating such as soy sauce, bbq sauce, chili sauce or even a sweet sauce. You can leave the chicken covered in marinade for either an hour or two.


2. Give it a final glaze

Finish off your chicken wings by glazing it with either a ketchup, sauce or any for extra flavoring. To get the restaurant-style chicken wings at home, make sure you glaze every chicken wing well and nicely. 

To avoid getting into any trouble while making chicken wings, click here to check out the full recipe that can help you ace it perfectly.