How To Make Quesadilla At Home: 4 Tips To Ace This Mexican Delicacy

For someone who loves Mexican cuisine, quesadilla is a must-have dish. This delicacy is made of a tortilla, which is wrapped around the goodness of cheese, meats, spices, veggies and other fillings. The Mexican quesadilla is filled, folded and then cooked on a griddle or stove until it turns golden brown and crispy from all sides. The name of the dish may sound complicated but making it is easier than you think. It’s been a long time since quesadillas came into being and of course the dish has evolved over the years. People experiment with it all the time and now there are tons of variations you can find around the world. Are you ready to try your hands at this scrumptious dish too? Here are some pro tips to help you ace it right the first time. 

Make It Super Cheesy

An authentic Mexican-style quesadilla is overloaded with cheese. The melted cheese that trickles down to every bite is what makes it super irresistible in taste.  If you love cheese, then stuff with loads of cheese. Wrap the tortillas with different types of cheese.  You can use mozzarella cheese to get the desirable cheese pull. 

Stuff With Hearty Veggies 

If you are making a vegetarian quesadilla, stuff it with loads of fresh and luscious veggies. Some common ingredients are chopped onion, tomato, capsicum, mushroom and cilantro. On the other hand, chicken, beef and pork makes a delicious filling for a non-veg quesadilla. 

Avoid Overfilling The Tortillas 

While stuffing the tortilla with veggies or meat, first grease the surface with oil and then gently place the stuffing on the surface. Spread it all over the tortilla by adding the stuffing in small amounts. Make sure that you don’t overfill the tortillas otherwise the stuffing may come out of it. 

Cook Until Crispy

Cook the quesadilla on a pan from both the slides. Heat the pan and immerse the quesadilla into hot olive. Flip it back and forth until the cheese begins to melt and the exterior turns golden brown and crispy.

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