How To Make Pretzels: 4 Easy And Helpful Tips To Ace It At Home

One of the most delightful treats that I’m never able to get out of my mind are pretzels. A type of decadent German bread, pretzel has been an integral part of authentic German baking traditions since ancient times. Unlike many pastries, the technique of making pretzels is quite unique and challenging. Traditionally, a dough is kneaded which is molded into a knot using the ends of long strips of dough which is intertwined and then twisted back onto itself in a distinctive way. So what are your baking plans this weekend? If you desire to make pretzels anytime soon, check out our fool-proof tips and tricks.  

Knead a soft yet firm dough  

Always make sure to knead a dough that is super elastic so that it becomes easier for you to shape it afterwards. Keep your dough for proofing before going ahead with more steps. The texture of your dough should be soft and slightly firm. Remember that your dough must not be sticky at all. In case, you feel it seems sticky then knead it again using flour.  

Be careful and confident while shaping 

Shaping the pretzel correctly is the most challenging task. Once the dough is ready, grease both your hands with oil and make palm-sized balls out of the same. Take each ball and roll it into a long rope. Using the ends of each long strip, mold it into a U-shape and then twist it back onto itself in a way that it looks like a knot.  

Boil before baking  

After you are done with the task of shaping, soak your pretzels in hot boiling water with salt or baking soda. Don’t let your pretzels in the boiling water for more than a minute. This technique gives pretzels their traditional skin and flavor. Keep in mind that you have to boil your pretzels before baking.  

Season it well 

Brush your pretzels with an egg wash before baking in an oven. This creates a glossy texture and a crusty top over them. You can also sprinkle some salt over the top or season it with mustard, cheeses, sugar, chocolate, cinnamon and chopped nuts. 

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