How To Make Mysore Pak: 3 Tips And Tricks You Need To Know
Image Credit: Credits: Instagram Image By @this_is_chai

Mysore pak is one of the most prevalent Indian delicacies prepared with generous amounts of ghee, sugar, and gram flour and flavoured with cardamom, rose, and honey. Pak or Paaka is a word that refers to sugar. Coming from the royal kitchen of Maharaja of Mysore, this sweet has a rich taste and heavenly flavours. Their texture is a bit similar to a buttery and dense cookie. Making any Indian sweet is a delicate process and requires our strenuous efforts. In the case of Mysore Pak, paaka syrup preparation is a skilled art that only a few can master. We are here to reveal everything from secrets, tips, and tricks to help you out. Could you scroll down to find them out?  

1. Use loads of desi ghee for softness

Mysore pak is one of those Indian desserts that require loads of ghee during preparation. Make sure you have enough ghee while making as ghee helps in softening. In case of insufficient ghee, your homemade Mysore pak could turn out to be hard and porous. For getting perfectly texture Mysore paks at home, the simplest trick is to use loads of ghee.   

2. Never use excess water

Usually, very little water is used while making this decadent sweet. You must follow the same and be careful whenever you add water into the pan. Very little or limited water is used so that the Mysore pak can stay fresh in a cool and dry place.

3. Ensure you get the sugar syrup consistency 

It's essential to mention that you must not exceed the ideal sugar syrup consistency. Make a sugar syrup with a light texture, meaning it should be of 1-string thickness. As ghee is also added with sugar, maintaining sugar syrup consistency is necessary.

It's time for you to try your hands at making this luscious sweet dish at home. Tap here to know the full recipe.