How To Make Mousse: 3 Tips And Tricks To Nail It With Perfection

When you desire to relish something a little bit more than a pudding but close to ice cream, a mousse is an ideal pick of all. Mousse is a decadent frozen dessert that is light, fluffy to creamy and filled with air bubbles, giving it a perfect melt-in-the-mouth deliciousness. Typically, a mousse is put together using whipped egg whites fresh cream and flavoured with melted chocolate, vanilla, caramel. There are many flavours of mousse-like chocolate mousse, vanilla and strawberry. In the case of a chocolate mousse, egg yolks are often gently stirred to give a richer mouthfeel. So which one do you plan on making? Ace every homemade mousse with the help of our three infallible tips.  

Beat egg whites to soft peak

Eggs are a must while making a mousse at home. It helps in thickening the texture and, at the same time, makes it fluffy. First, whisk the eggs white separately in a bowl and then incorporate it into the remaining batter. Make sure you beat the whites to soft peaks, either using an electric blender or a hand mixer. Next, whisk the eggs white back and forth until the final texture is glossy, foamy and peaky. 

Use heavy and fresh whipped cream

Who doesn’t love a thick creamy texture along with the decadent softness? Fresh and heavy whipped cream is the key to the perfect bakery-style mousse. You can either get a packet of fresh whipped cream from your nearest store or beat it home. 

Refrigerate until chilled and set

Once you are done with the entire preparation, pour the batter into a baking dish and leave it to refrigerate until it's correctly set and chilled. Depending on the freezing time, you have to wait for at least an hour before you can serve it and relish it. 

Are you excited to make it at home? Then, check out the full recipe for making a chocolate mousse.