How To Make Immunity Boosting Ajwain Kali Mirch Kadha For Winter
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There is no need to elaborate on Kadha's benefits. A glass of giloy kadha or tulsi-turmeric kadha is a lovely winter beverage that only spells goodness and comfort. This Indian beverage has been a standard for many people since the dawn of humanity. Here is yet another fantastic kadha recipe that is both potent and delicious, expanding the range of possibilities. The components used to make Ajwain Kali Mirch Kadha are ordinary ones yet have been recognised to have medical and healing effects. Traditional remedies have utilised ajwain (also known as carom seeds) for generations to cure the flu and the common cold. Its strong antioxidant and vitamin C content strengthens immunity and nourishes us from the inside, protecting us from a range of seasonal illnesses.


Kali mirch is the additional component employed in this kadha (black pepper). The book "Healing Foods" by DK Publishing House claims that "Digestive support and hunger stimulation are provided by black pepper. It also helps the body get rid of impurities thanks to its strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant capabilities." All of these components provide the kadha with unique qualities that could aid in strengthening and enhancing immunity. Let's find out how to build it now.

How to make ajwain kali mirch ka kadha

1. 2 cups of water should be heated to a simmer in a skillet to create this mixture.

2. Black peppercorns and carom seeds, 1 tbsp each, should be added.

3. Once the water has been cut in half, turn the gas off.

4. Add a few drops of lemon juice and a small amount of honey or jaggery. You can have this Kadha twice a day.