How To Make Heart-Shaped Pinata Cake For Valentine's Day: 3 Tips To Ace This Lovely Dessert
Image Credit: Picture credits: Instagram Image By @heaven.inplate

It’s the week of love and endless celebrations. Valentine’s week has already started and all of us are busy searching for impressive presents and goodies we can give our loved ones. Truly speaking, there is no better gift than the one handcrafted with love and affection. Our beautiful heart-shaped pinata cake is perfect for this special occasion. It is a stylish cake that has a firm shell on the outside and a burst of luscious chocolatey treats and filling on the inside. So, surprise your valentine by gifting them a heart-shaped pinata cake. Master the art of making this lovely dessert with these three easy hacks. 

Use A Silicone Mould

For making pinata cakes, always use a silicone mould instead of a steel one. The best part about silicon moulds is that you don’t have to grease them, as they are naturally non-stick and flexible. Silicone moulds are available in different shapes and sizes, so you can use them as per your desire. To make a pinata cake during this Valentine's week, you can buy a heart-shaped silicone mould to impress your loved ones.

Double Coat The Mould With Batter

If you are making pinata cake for the first time, you might not know that the mould is generally double coated with batter. Each coating is refrigerated until it's properly set and then the second one is coated over the first one. You can make any batter you want. It could be a chocolate batter or even a plain one. Food colouring can be used while making an egg white or white chocolate batter for colouring.  

Peel Off The Shell Carefully

The trickiest part is definitely when you have to peel the shell off the mould. We can tell you that patience is the key to success. You need to be calm and careful while peeling off the shell. Always peel slowly from one side and then move to the other in the same direction.

Fill And Decorate The Cake At The End 

The beauty of a pinata cake lies in its decoration and the inner filling. You can keep a cake inside the shell or fill it with chocolates, toffees and candies. For decoration, you can top it off with a luscious itching. Sprinkle edible glitter and chocolate or multi-coloured sprinkles. You can drizzle any sweetener over the top too. Decorating the cake with edible flowers is also an excellent choice.