How To Make Delicious Homemade Bagels: 3 Easy Tips And Tricks

If you immensely obsess over doughnuts, the next best thing after them is bagels. Bagels are reminiscent of doughnuts, but they are comparatively easier to make, unlike doughnuts. Bagels are Jewish bread that is round, doughnut-shaped, crispy yet chewy and delicious. They are traditionally made by kneading dough, shaping it into a ring baked to perfection until it turns shiny and crumbly. Just in case you are planning to give it ashot at home, you are at the right place. Let us train you to make perfect bakery-style bagels that will undoubtedly impress everyone. So we hope you are ready. Here are a few pro tips and tricks you must note down.

1. Allow the dough to rest

The key to getting the moist, soft, fluffy and moist pastries is allowing the dough to rest for as long as possible. It’s always necessary that you allow at least a portion of your dough to rest overnight or for a few hours before you start shaping them. Resting helps the gluten relax, allowing the dough to rise and maintain the perfect texture.

2. The dough must be slightly wetter

The final dough for bagels should always be wet and stretchy, or elastic. So you must add water accordingly and make sure that it is neither too much nor too little. Thus, we can say that the wetter, the better.

3. Choose your toppings/ stuffing wisely

As we know, toppings and stuffing are two essential elements that enhance the taste and flavours of our final dish. So, once your bagels are ready, you are left with the task of topping them up or stuffing them with a delicious filling. Of course, you're free to choose any topping stuffing as long as it tastes utterly delicious and won’t make your bagels soggy.  

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