How To Make Creamy Milk At Home?
Image Credit: Creamy Milk

Drinking milk is considered good for health, but most children do not like the taste of milk. In such a situation, many mothers give creamy milk to feed them. But it is pretty challenging to make because thick cream in the milk is not formed at all (settles very hard). Do you know that creamy milk has more nutrients than regular milk? That's why it's believed that a glass of this milk makes you healthier. 

Creamy milk consumption: Morning or evening? 

Creamy milk can be consumed anytime as per your convenience. However, do not eat or drink any spicy or sour item one hour before and after drinking creamy milk.

How To Boil Milk?

It takes some effort to make creamy milk. However, you only have to cook the milk on the gas for ten minutes instead of five minutes. Do you know why? Because when the milk is cooked for a long time, the cream starts settling over the milk. 

Creamy milk at home 

Follow these tips to add some extra cream to your milk. 

  1. Cow's milk is considered suitable for making cream. So to get the cream put cow's milk in a vessel and keep it on medium flame. 
  2. As soon as it starts boiling, it reduces the flame. Now you will see that a bit of cream has set around the milk. 
  3. Leave it as is for 4-5 minutes. Then, to stop the rise in milk, keep stirring with a spoon so it does not boil and fall out of the pot. 
  4. To prevent froth formation, stir the milk with a spoon for 4-5 minutes, leading the cream to boil. Keep in mind that the flame has to be kept low. 
  5. When stirring with a spoon on a low flame, the foam will come up nicely. At this stage, turn the flame off and cool the milk at room temperature. 
  6. Now, keep this milk in the fridge. After thirty minutes, you will find that a layer of cream (as thick as bread) has settled on the milk. 

So in this way, serve this healthy and creamy milk to your loved ones every day.