How To Make Chocolate Frosting: 3 Tips To Help You Ace It

The making of any dessert is incomplete without a drizzle of a delicious topping that enhances both its beauty and taste. Topping your sweet dish platter with a luscious frosting or icing is often regarded as the best way of decorating your dessert and making it look extra enticing. Be it cakes, cupcakes, cookies or muffins, any glossy frosting makes a luscious addition to everything sweet. But are you under the impression that making a frosting is complicated and time-consuming? Sorry, but you may be wrong. Whipping up a frosting requires a handful of basic ingredients and it can be done in a jiffy, really. Bring out the baker in you and get ready to make the most decadent chocolate frosting at home. Nail the art of frosting using these three pro tips. 

Opt for unsalted butter, instead of the salted 

Most people are generally confused whether they should use salted butter or the unsalted one. We suggest you use the unsalted butter, as the saltness can be adjusted according to your taste. Baking masters swear by unsalted butter as they feel that doing this helps them gain control over saltness of their handcrafted dessert. So, if you are ever confused about which one to use, always pick the unsalted butter instead of the salted variant. 

Never forget to use powdered sugar 

If you are new to baking, you might not know that every frosting is made using powdered sugar. Powdered sugar mixes well easily, while it also helps in making a smooth frosting that is neither too thick nor too thin.  If you don’t have ready-made powdered sugar at home, grind the granulated sugar into fine powder using a mixer grinder. Don’t forget to sift the sugar, which helps in removing the lumps, if any. 

Use good-quality cocoa powder

At the end, mix cocoa powder with the rest of the ingredients. You can use any cocoa powder as per your choice, but make sure to pick a good-quality variant. Mostly, bakers go for the unsweetened cocoa powder.

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