How To Make Chicken Kebabs? 4 Useful Tips To Ace It At Home

An instant mood-lifter, no celebration is complete without chicken kebabs. Craving some already? Whether hanging out with friends or spending some quality time with family, smoky chicken kebabs are a must at every get-together. Traditionally, chicken kebabs are prepared by grilling the pieces over wood or charcoal fire that lends an irresistible earthy and spicy flavour to the chicken. Fret not, if you don’t have a barbecue grill set at home. We have listed some amazing ways for you to make tandoori chicken kebabs at home. Quickly scroll down and give them a read.

Use fresh and tender boneless chicken

If you are planning to prepare chicken kebabs at home, go for the boneless chicken pieces that are easily available in the market. Cut the chunks into smaller pieces. It will make it easier for you to skewer the kebabs onto bamboo sticks.  

Marinate well

After dicing the chicken into bite-sized pieces, marinate the chicken well. Use a blend of curd, spices and sauces to marinate the chicken. Leave it covered in a refrigerator for at least an hour. 

Grill in an oven 

If you don’t have a barbeque at home, that’s not a problem. You can grill your chicken kebabs in an oven by placing them gently on a baking tray/dish. Always cover the baking dish with an aluminium foil before assembling anything over it.  

Use charcoal to get the smoky flavour 

The best way to get the smoky flavour in your dish is by using charcoal. You can burn charcoal on a stove and then place it in a bowl. Then keep it over a pan or container with chicken kebabs in it. And you are done. 

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