How To Make Cheesecake: 3 Tips To Ace It By Yourself

The world's creamiest, or you may say the most delicate dessert is cheesecake. Its exquisite richness, softness and creaminess remain incompatible. Cheesecake is aluscious dessert that consists of more than one glossy layer. It's made by whipping up a batter with eggs, fresh cheese, sugar, butter and dollops of cream. The bottom layer is made after finely crunching biscuits or cookies separately. The final touch is given by elegantly finishing it off with a drizzle of either chocolate syrup or a fruit sauce. Cheesecakes are either fully baked or unbaked, which are then refrigerated. Find out how to make a cheesecake with ease and perfection at home. Three tips that will help you ace a cheesecake perfectly the first time. 

1. Whip up a thick batter 

The batter for cheesecake is whipped up using eggs, cream, cheese and sugar. Your batter must be smooth yet thick with a velvety texture. Keep whisking the eggs and batters until it looks thick and glossy. Getting the right softness, creaminess and deliciousness are possible through this step. 

2. Grind the biscuits finely for getting a soft base

The bottom layer of a cheesecake is made with biscuits. What biscuits to use and knowing the correct process of grinding needs to be taken care of while making. Baking masters generally use graham crackers for making the base. It's highly recommended that you use the same. Another essential thing to know is that you must grind in a mixer grinder until it’s thoroughly crushed. Avoid using hands for crunching as you need to get a fine powder which is not possible with the same. 

3. Top it off with colourful fruits & sauces

Once your cheesecake is baked or ready, take it out of the oven and transfer it to a plate. Top it off before slicing it into pieces by drizzling a fruit sauce or chocolate syrup over it. You can also use fresh whipped cream and place some beautifully decorate it with fruits or nuts.

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