How To Make Candy-Flavoured Dark Rum At Home
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The simple act of infusing candy speaks volumes - it says, "This is made just for you." The liquor aisle is bursting with tempting flavoured spirits, but a homemade infused liqueur is the ultimate personal gift for your loved ones. Infusing candy into spirits magically transforms basic ingredients into a custom elixir that looks, tastes and feels special. This simple technique lets your creativity shine. When it comes to infusions, dark rum and candy are a match made in heaven. The rich, molasses notes of dark rum pair perfectly with sweet, nostalgic candy flavours.  

Minty candy canes, chewy gummy bears, buttery toffees or tart hard candies can all find a home in dark rum. The variety is endless. The process is as easy as it gets. You only need two ingredients - candy and rum of your choice. Simply add the unwrapped candy to a bottle of rum, let the flavours mingle, and it's ready to share. The candy infuses the rum with its signature flavour and scent. Each batch is unique.  

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So go on, rummage through your candy stash for inspiration and start crafting a custom candy-infused rum creation. This thoughtful, homemade spirit is sure to delight. 

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Transform Boring Rum into a Delicious Treat with These Sweet Hacks 

Whether you're a pirate looking to spice up your grog or a mixologist searching for your next signature cocktail ingredient, candy-infused rum can add a touch of sugary delight to any spirit. But nailing the perfect blend of flavours takes a bit of know-how. Follow these pro tips and you'll be sipping on candy shop-inspired rum in no time. First, start with a high-quality dark rum. The robust, molasses notes make a perfect canvas for the candy flavours to shine. Next, grab your favourite sweets. Skittles, Jolly Ranchers, gummy bears - anything goes! Just make sure to use real candy, not syrups or extracts. The subtle nuances of actual candy make all the difference. Pop your candy of choice into an airtight container and cover it with rum. For the best results, use around 10-12 pieces of candy per cup of rum. Let it infuse out of direct sunlight for 1-2 weeks, shaking periodically. For an extra boost, muddle the candy before adding the rum. This breaks up the pieces to release even more flavour. Once your rum has absorbed maximum candy essence, strain out the solid pieces through a coffee filter. Now the fun part - tasting your creation! Sip it straight-up to experience the candy-rum blend in all its glory. For cocktails, try mixing it with ginger beer and lime or cola for a grown-up twist on classic candy flavours. Just add a splash or two to let the spiked rum shine. With the right technique, you can conjure up all kinds of candy-flavoured rums sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. So, grab your Captain Morgan, Skittles, and inner Johnny Depp and sail away to new adventures in mixology! 

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Dark rum and candy - an unexpected pairing that delivers delectable delight.  

This sweet and spirited infusion unlocks a world of flavour possibilities, transforming ordinary rum into an extraordinary elixir. The process is simple, yet magical. Select your favourite hard candies, caramels, butterscotches, and mints that make your tastebuds dance. Place them gently into a mason jar, like gems into a treasure chest. Now comes the rum, dark and brooding, cascading over the candies to mingle and merge. Seal the jar, allowing the rum to work its sorcery, soaking up the candy's sweet essence and rounding out the edges with its oaky richness. Patience is key; this is an unrushed infusion. Let it rest for hours, overnight, or even days to fully develop. The longer it sits, the more the flavours harmonize and amplify. Keep watch over your precious jar, eager yet disciplined. When the time is right, taste your masterful creation. The first luxurious sip will confirm it was worth the wait. Candy-infused rum, transformative yet classic, an ingenious union of indulgence and craft. 

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Transform your taste buds with this sweet and addictive Caramel Infused Dark Rum.  

This easy recipe will have you mixing up batches of magic in no time. Gather a hefty stash of those chewy caramel candies, about 250-500 grams should do the trick. Make sure to have a bottle of a smooth, rich dark rum on hand - we're partial to the bold flavour of Captain Morgan. Pop those candies in a jar and cover them with the rum, leaving a little headspace for swirling. Seal it up tight and give that beauty a good shake. 

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Let the candies melt into the rum for 2-4 days, swirling periodically to help it along. Once dissolved, stash it in the fridge to infuse. This luscious elixir will keep for up to a month chilled. But we know you won't be able to resist cracking it open to add a touch of sweetness to your favourite cocktails. Just remember to sip responsibly and savour the flavour!