How To Make Cake: Three Mistakes To Avoid While Making Cake At Home

From birthdays to festive occasions, we never say no to a good cake. However, as the virus is striking us again with its brutal spins, we know it's time for us to resort to our kitchens and begin with our trysts with baking. We don’t want you to end up with ugly-looking soggy cakes during the upcoming lockdown. So, here are some mistakes you need to avoid while baking a cake at home.

1. Using A Naked Pan

Greasing a non-stick pan sounds unnecessary, doesn’t it? However, do it at your own risk because your cake is likely to stick. Grease the pan lightly with butter and dust with some flour before pouring the batter into the pan.

2. Using Cold Ingredients

Although the recipe says “at room temperature” specifically but who’s got the time, right? However, certain ingredients really do perform better at certain temperatures. So, it's better to read the recipe carefully and plan accordingly.

3. Not Measuring Ingredients

You’re digging through your cupboard for baking powder and hurriedly cracking your eggs while your cake batter sits in the mixture. Sounds quite familiar, huh? We know hassling through the process is quite common and is a sure way to commit mistakes. So, it's better to prep your ingredients and measure them beforehand to save yourself time and stress while baking.

4. Under/Over-Beating The Batter

Both- undermixing and overmixing can spoil your cake altogether. While overbeating will toughen it up, under beating will make it crumble. It's best to use the cut and fold method to mix your batter. You need to mix it until the ingredients are just combined.

5. Slicing Into A Warm Cake

We know the indulgent aroma makes it really difficult for you to resist digging in to have a slice of cake immediately after it's out of the oven but this can make all your efforts go in vain. Slicing into your cake immediately after taking it out of the oven will build in moisture, rendering the cake to become soggy. Cool your cake on a wire rack to help air circulate and then slice into it.

Now that you know these mistakes, make sure you avoid them to get a soft, fluffy and tender cake at home in a jiffy. Do let us know when you try.