How To Make Bread Pudding: 4 Tips And Tricks You Must Remember

Puddings are of many varieties. Each pudding is made in a distinctive style with varieties of ingredients. Have you ever heard of bread pudding? Bread pudding is a popular dessert that is eaten across the world in many cuisines. Every country has their own way of making this delightful, irresistible treat. A basic method involves making it with eggs, bread, milk, and cream that are whipped together and then baked. There are two types of bread pudding. One is the sweet version while the other is savory. No matter whichever you plan on whipping up next, we have some hacks to nail this irresistible dessert with perfection. Here are some tips and tricks you can’t miss if you wish to make the most decadent bread pudding at home.  

You can use leftover bread slices  

A bread pudding can be made with either fresh bread slices or even stale. Depending on what you like, choose the kind of bread you would like to use in your pudding. Every time you have leftover bread slices at home, instead of wasting that make sure to use that up. Don’t worry because this won’t ruin the final taste and flavors.  

Layer it with fresh cream and raisins  

Puddings can be layered in so many delicious ways. When it comes to making any pudding, layering with dollops of fresh cream is a must. Besides this, you can also add a handful of nuts and raisins to the pudding. The rich flavors of fresh cream and raisins are unbeatable and satisfying.  

Let the ingredients soak before baking  

After you are done layering the pudding, keep it aside for some time before putting it in an oven to bake. Let all the ingredients soak well with each other. Doing this helps the bread to take up all the flavors.  

Finish it off with a flavorful topping  

Once your pudding is fully baked, gently remove it out of the oven and give it a flavorful finishing. From chocolate sauce, vanilla, honey and maple syrup, you can top it off with any sauce or condiment you like. Never skip this part as this gives a flavourful touch to it.  

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