How To Make Boondi Laddoo: 3 Easy Tips To Help You Ace It
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Indians and their love for laddoos is eternal. Whether or not it’s the festive season, we are always in a mood to relish a decadent bite of a laddoo. This well-loved dessert comes in many varieties. Today, we are here to tempt your taste buds with the mouth-watering boondi laddoo. Boondi laddoos are known for their rich taste and heavenly flavours. Not only do they taste delicious but are also quite easy to make. Boondi laddoos are prepared by whipping up a batter for boondi, which is first shaped into balls and then soaked in a gooey sugar syrup. If you have been craving some boondi laddoos lately, why not make them at home this time? Save these three pro tips to get delicious halwai-style laddoos at home. 

Make sure you get the right consistency of sugar syrup 

The consistency of the sugar syrup matters a lot when it comes to preparing any kind of laddoos. In the case of boondi laddoo, sugar syrup or chashni must be of one-string consistency. Avoid going beyond this. Otherwise, while soaking the boondi in it, they might turn sticky - something you don’t want. 

The batter must be neither too thick nor too thin 

Whip up the batter carefully by using the ingredients in the right amount. The consistency of the batter plays a very important role. Make sure that the batter is neither too thick nor too thin. If the batter is thin, you are going to face trouble while frying and won’t be able to get the desired shape. The situation will turn out to be the same if it is too thick. If you feel that the batter is too thin, thicken it by adding more besan to it. 

Fry in desi ghee

Boondis are either fried in ghee or oil. Mostly, they are fried in oil instead of ghee at home. We suggest you to use desi ghee as it will enrich your laddoos with rich texture and flavours. At the same time, frying in desi ghee will make your laddoos healthier and give it that tempting glow. 

Tap here to check out the full recipe to ace it with perfection. Don’t forget to store your homemade laddoos in an airtight container.