How To Make Black Coffee At Home? Some Tips And Tricks To Ace It
Image Credit: Do you like your coffee black, white or brown?

“The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is quite tantalizing”, that’s how a friend cum coffee enthusiast described her love for coffee to me in one of our conversations. Relishing her cup of milky coffee by the balcony is her favourite morning ritual which has lasted for years. Not only does she feel energized and alive after her first cup, she also feels that coffee activates her hormones and motivates her to work during the day. Although I’m not really a coffee person, the aroma of coffee is quite captivating. The coffee beans when mixed with milk give an irresistible taste. 

However, despite the love people share for milky coffee, once the fitness bug bites them, it is black coffee that does the work for them. In order to cut down on calories and to reduce weight, it is often recommended by fitness experts to drink two to three cups of black coffee regularly. I remember when I first joined the gym, my instructor told me to drink a cup of black coffee before starting the workout. Though I couldn’t follow it for a long period of time, I realized that it was something in the coffee that wasn’t right. 

Making a smooth black coffee is not everyone’s cup of tea (coffee). Here are some tips and tricks to make the most delicious black coffee. 

1.  Choose The Right Kind Of Coffee 

Instant coffee or filter coffee is not suitable for black coffee. The best way to drink this kind of coffee is to drink it fresh. This means that the most ideal coffee would be freshly ground coffee beans with one’s own hands. 

2.  A Clean Coffee Maker Is The Need 

Whatever coffee container or coffee maker you have, start by giving it a nice clean scrub before you add more coffee to it. The remains of the previous blend might get accumulated and ruin the taste of future coffee. 

3.  Brew But Lightly 

Overheating or brewing the coffee a lot wouldn’t bring out its true flavours. Now, if you overheat or brew it too much, it might taste bitter than usual. Letting it sit on a warm platform is also not right. 

4.  Salt In The Black Coffee 

Now, you may not know this but adding salt to the black coffee really enhances the taste of it. Always begin by sampling a small cup. Add some salt to it and keep tasting it till it doesn’t taste bitter. 

5.  Water Is Also Essential 

Since it is black coffee sans milk, water becomes important. Filtered water is the most ideal for a cup of black coffee. You can also use bottled water if you want.

6.  Equipment Makes A Difference 

The right kind of filters and pots also add to the taste of coffee. Weird-smelling metal pots lend the coffee an unpleasant taste and aroma that is unappetizing.