Kitchen Hacks: How To Keep Paneer Soft After Frying?
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Are you a panner fan and love to include it in your daily diet? Then you must follow some tips to make it softer. Do you know why? Because most people complain that paneer becomes hard to chew after frying. After adding the fried paneer to the vegetable or curry, it not only feels rubbery but also spoils the quality of your food. You can try the three methods mentioned below if you are going through the same. 

Use cold water

This is an effortless technique, which you can try.

  1. While you are frying the paneer, keep the flame of the gas medium and keep a bowl full of cold water.
  2. Put the paneer pieces in the pan and as soon as it turns light brown, immediately put them in the water.
  3. After keeping it in water for 5 to 10 minutes, take it out back on a plate and use it while making sabzi or curry.

Use hot water

There are many other tricks to make paneer soft after frying. If the fried paneer in cold water is not getting soft, you can try another method. For this:

  1. You first fry the paneer and on the other side keep the water on the gas for heating. 
  2. Now mix a spoonful of salt in this water and when it becomes hot, mix the fried paneer in it. 
  3. Switch off the gas, leave the paneer for 5 minutes and take it out on a plate.

Use normal water for 10 minutes

After frying, if the paneer becomes hard, let the raw paneer soak in normal water for 10 minutes. This is because cooking extracts the paneer moisture making it hard or rubbery to eat. On the other hand, putting the paneer in water keeps it soft and gives the necessary moisture (if lost while cooking).

Takeaway tips: Whether the paneer is made at home or bought from the market, never keep it uncovered. Instead, first put the paneer in the box and keep it in the refrigerator. Follow this method to store paneer for a day or two.