While cooking, the smell of the food spreads throughout the house, including the kitchen, seeming fine for a while but later turning into a foul odour. Do you know this smell can make you sick? Especially in the winter season, it becomes difficult to get rid of this kitchen smell. Do you know why? Because the moisture in the air leads to a stink accumulation layer in the houses. However, this smell goes away quickly during summers as compared to winters. So, today, we will tell you some tips by which you can quickly get rid of the kitchen smell even in winter. 

  1. Onion: You can also easily remove the bad smell from the kitchen with onions. Do you know how? Because onions easily absorb any odour. For this, cut the onion into three to four parts and keep it in different kitchen parts for a few hours. This will efficiently remove the smell. You can also cut onions and keep them in the kitchen even at night.
  2. Lemonade: No! Not for drinking, but it's the remedy to remove the dirty smell from the kitchen. For this, keep a vessel full of lemonade in the kitchen and leave it for some time. After a while, you'll notice that the smell has vanished. 
  3. Baking soda: You can also use baking soda to remove foul smells from the kitchen. For this, mix baking soda in water and sprinkle it generously in all kitchen parts. By using it, the smell of the kitchen goes away instantly.
  4. Indoor plants: You can also put indoor plants in the kitchen for a pleasing aroma and fresh air. Do you know that indoor plants also absorb foul smell to a great extent? For this, you need to keep small pots in the kitchen.
  5. Lavender oil: Try using lavender oil to remove the foul smell in the kitchen. With its use, you can quickly get rid of the smell in a few hours. For this, mix drops of lavender oil in water and sprinkle it all over the kitchen.


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