How To Eat Sushi The Indian Way; Hilarious Video Goes Viral
Image Credit: Image: Pixabay

Indian has a vibrant culinary landscape, with cuisines from across the globe being welcomed and enjoyed here. While we have embraced Italian, Chinese and American culinary styles like our own, we are also moving towards expanding the East-Asian cuisines like Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese. 

K-dramas and bands like BTS are already quite a rage in India, and thanks to that ramen and Kimchi have found a place here over the years. But foodies like me have been in awe of Japanese and Korean cuisine for a long time, and I know how a sushi platter can make us drool. However, if you are a fan of these cuisines, you must know devouring these requires a certain skillset. Something that most Indians aren’t very fond of - holding chopsticks. If you are a beginner, we are sure it is quite difficult for you to learn the ropes of using chopsticks, let alone enjoying a full platter of sushi with it. But a hilarious video is here with a trick to help you around it. 

An Instagram reel shared by ‘pune_food_blogger’ captures the struggle of eating sushi with chopsticks and is super relatable to the netizens too. But it also shows a hilarious way to work around if you aren’t able to use the chopsticks. In the clip, a man is seen struggling with the chopsticks to eat sushi. After several failed attempts, he looks around and simply sneaks a piece with his hands and puts it into his mouth. Guess one just needs to be quick and unnoticeable like the man in this video, and this way will work. “Presenting to you the Desi way to eat Sushi. How many people here have done the same?” he wrote in the caption. Take a look at the video:

The video seems to have hit it off with Indians in the most relatable way possible, as it has garnered over 1.8 million views, and over 100k likes with several comments. "Totally relatable" read one comment while the other one read "I do the same". Besides several laughing emojis, one user also said how she thought it was actually a tutorial. "In first few seconds, I literally observed you how you eat. How you are holding the sticks because I thought you are teaching us how to eat sushi. But at last, honestly, l am not disappointed at all. I am more than happy the way of yours to eat sushi (sic)”, the comment read.  

Some people also said how the ‘Indian way’ is so much more convenient. “Why so much effort, when we can have it in a easier way (sic)” and “Yup that's how its done (sic)” were some of the comments.  

On the other hand, certain Japanese food enthusiasts also confirmed that sushi is in fact eaten by hand in Japan too. "Let me tell you, he is correct, Sushi is meant to be eaten by hand - a Japanese approved," read one comment. 

Which way do you prefer? Let us know.