How To Cook Healthier: What And When To Eat Based On Diet Preferences?

Cooking shouldn’t be done in coated or aluminium pans. Iron, Clay Pots or Regular Steel is always a good and healthy medium to cook.

  • When cooking dal: A lot of our population is consuming Dal. The ideal way to cook dal is to get it soaked overnight. Just in case if it doesn’t get swelled up, then pressure cooking is recommended. Dal has many lectins, a type of protein that gets destroyed once soaked and cooked for long. Some people are lectin sensitive, so they should avoid intake of dal in their diet. Dal shouldn’t be consumed in all of the meals. 
  • Avoid boiling broccoli: Red cabbage and broccoli should not be boiled. One should steam them because that would maintain their natural nutrients.

Don’t just eat fruit when dieting

We generally have a myth that if one is dieting, then just fruits should be consumed. But, fruits should be instead consumed like sugar treats from nature. It's a natural dessert. So, fruit should be consumed like a dessert only, not like a full meal.

Eat a balanced diet

  • One shouldn’t obliterate a particular food product until and unless he/she is planning to go on a weight loss diet. If you want to lose weight, then shun some parts of carbohydrates, proteins or fats depending on the body type. When you are on a maintenance diet for the long term, consuming all the food groups on the plate is recommended. 
  • Here is an example: Suppose you are having moong dal chilla in the morning, and then you are having dal for lunch and then again in dinner; that’s not correct. The more food groups you have, the better it is because then it will be a balanced diet.

(With inputs from Dr Geeta Grewal, Wellness Expert and Cosmetic Surgeon, 9Muses Wellness Clinic, Gurugram)