5 Quick Tips To Choose Your Dessert Wisely
Image Credit: Choose Your Dessert Wisely

India is famous for its art as well as food culture, which is incomplete without sweets. So if Indians do not get sweets after their meals, they remain unsatiated. However, people with sweet tooth often make mistakes while selecting sweets. So let us tell you how to pick desserts/sweets after your meals. 

Ask for ingredients

When most people order food, they never pay attention to their ingredients. However, it is necessary to do so. Especially when you are buying sweets, then definitely ask about ingredients it is made of. This is because some are allergic to specific food items, and if they eat them, they can get sick. In particular, many people are allergic to peanuts, chocolate, gelatin, coffee which are also used in sweets. Therefore, before ordering, be sure to ask what ingredients does it consist of. 

Gelato is not an ice cream

Many people have the misconception that gelato is ice cream, but this is not true. Not all milk-based solid items are ice cream; it can be either gelato or mousse. Hence, it is essential to understand their difference. Gelato is part of the ice cream family, but it is heavier than ice cream. In addition, while ice cream melts quickly, gelato does not dissolve easily. 

Dessert as per your main course 

When you want to pair sweets with your main course, choose the dessert carefully. For example, if you have ordered a dish with tangy tomato gravy for the main course, then avoid ordering zesty and citric desserts like a lemon tart or orange-flavoured pie for dessert. This can lead to acidity and gas problems.

Avoid rich desserts after dinner

Indians are fond of spicy and oily food. But after eating a big thali, if you eat decadent sweets like rabdi, kulfi or milk-based sweets, you feel uncomfortable and bloated. On the contrary, if you have a light dinner, you can consume such sweets. 

Read reviews

It often happens that after hearing about a famous sweet, people order but find nothing special in it. In such a situation, whenever you order a sweet (that you are eating for the first time), then first read or go through its review.