How To Avoid Food Poisoning In The Rainy Season?
Image Credit: Food Poisoning In Rainy Season

Do you know why the risk of food poisoning is high during monsoons? It's because the infectious pathogens increase due to excessive water, causing various diseases. Hence, this season is considered to be dangerous as far as health is concerned. So, let's understand what causes food poisoning in the rainy season and how can it be prevented.

Some of the leading causes of food poisoning are:

  1. Stale food: If you cannot finish the food at a time, store it at a moderate temperature. If you don't store it properly, it can go rancid, increasing your risk of food poisoning. So try to avoid the consumption of stale food in this season.
  2. Unhygienic food: If you don't care about hygiene when it comes to your food, you can fall ill, especially in this season. Street food is the most significant risk factor of food poisoning in the rainy season.
  3. Raw or half-cooked food: If you eat raw or half-cooked, especially non-veg, during the monsoon, it can increase the risk of food poisoning, as it is not considered safe during the monsoon.
  4. Drinking untreated water: Take good care of water hygiene if you want to avoid food poisoning this season. Therefore, if you are going out, carry your water bottle with you.

Tips to prevent food poisoning during monsoon

  1. Avoid eating food that has been kept in the fridge for a long time. For instance, before eating a loaf of bread, check its expiry date and ensure that it is fungus free.
  2. Food containing bacteria causes food poisoning, so if you feel nausea, vomiting, etc. (after a few hours of consumption), you must visit a doctor.
  3. The risk of food poisoning also increases due to uncleanliness while cooking or using unwashed vegetables and fruits.
  4. Food poisoning is also caused by eating unhealthy street food or consuming stale foods during the rainy season.
  5. Eating meat, fish, meat during the rainy season increases the chances of food poisoning.
  6. Consuming spicy food during the rainy season can be hazardous to your health.
  7. To avoid food poisoning, you must eat completely cooked food.

This rainy season is susceptible in terms of health. Be very careful about your food intake; only then can you avoid the risk of food poisoning.