Green And Black Cardamom: How Both Varieties Are Used In Different Dishes
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The two varieties of cardamom - small (green) and big (black) - are used as well as avoided in many recipes. But, do you know which ones are those? Still confused? Let us help you out here. There are a number of dishes that require green cardamom and big cardamom for tempering and improving the taste of dishes. So, here’s how both varieties are used separately in different foods and how they are used together. 

The use of small (green) cardamom

The small or green cardamom is more often used in cooking different dishes, as compared with the big (black) cardamom. Small cardamom is used in sweets and snacks. It enhances the taste of gravies and vegetables. Apart from being used in preparing items like kheer, halwa, fruit cream, rabdi and gulab jamun, green cardamom is also used in making chicken and mutton. Small cardamom improves the taste of your cup of tea too. Besides this, small cardamom helps to cure many diseases.

The use of big (black) cardamom

As opposed to the green variety, the use of big (black) cardamom is significantly less. It is mainly used in vegetable gravies and rarely used in sweets. Even for milk-based preparations, the use of black cardamom is pretty less. It is mainly used on non-veg food items, primarily biryani.

How to use both varieties of cardamoms together?

Small and big cardamoms are commonly used in dishes like pulao and biryani. Both are also used in making garam masala powder. In addition, salty recipes often have cardamoms to enhance the taste. Finally, talk about the cultivation of cardamoms; both varieties grow abundantly in Sikkim, Eastern Nepal and West Bengal. 

Green and black cardamom seeds: What is the difference?

Do you know black and green cardamom belong to the same plant family? Green cardamom pods are usually utilised whole and are harvested before reaching maturity. On the other hand, black cardamom seeds are extracted and enormously dried. As a result, black cardamom adds a more savoury flavour to dishes; meanwhile, green cardamom is used to flavour desserts.