How Food Trucks Stand a Chance to be Successful in India
Image Credit: Image source: Unsplash

Food truck culture is new in India but is evolving at a fast pace. In big cities like Bangalore and Delhi, it's gaining immense popularity. Even in small towns, people are allured by food trucks these days and opt for buying food from there. In a bid to promote the Indian habit of sitting while eating food, truck owners are coming with various ideas. You'll see many food trucks, especially in small towns, offering chairs and tables near their eatery. It won't be a surprise if food trucks in India gain the popularity they have in western countries.

The food truck culture started in rural America and now they're dominating the markets there. The reasons are clear. It's very cheap compared to opening a restaurant. In addition, you can take the truck anywhere you see the scope of selling. Moreover, when it comes to attracting people, food trucks with their trendy and cool appearance, one-liners can immediately grab attention. The privilege of moving freely from markets to outside children's parks is what makes it successful.

In India, food trucks stand a chance because people want good food at reasonable prices available near to them especially in these times when Covid-19 has shaken the economy and business of big and small restaurants. The idea of food trucks sounds safer and more hygienic. Some famous and most loved street foods like momos, noodles, and sandwiches can be easily found on food trucks. Also, with more people coming into this business scope of finding regional dishes on food trucks is high. So, if you were reluctant to try dishes from your nearby food trucks, now is the time to step ahead and try them.