How Food And Peace Are Interconnected
Image Credit: IDP 2022, pexels

On September 21, people worldwide commemorate the International Day of Peace. This day has been designated by the UN General Assembly as a time to enhance the values of peace by engaging in 24 hours of nonviolence. True peace, however, requires much more than putting down weapons. It necessitates creating communities where all people feel like they can thrive. It entails building a society where everyone is treated fairly, regardless of race. It might be news for many foods and peace share an interconnectedness. Food has been a reason for triggering wars and violence, and our pages of history have witnesses of it. Meanwhile, food has also been employed as a medium to induce peace. There are well-drafted proves documenting the power of food in bringing harmony

International Day of Peace 2022's theme is: 'End racism. Build peace'. There are ways that we can practice promoting peace through food. Wondering how? Read on!

Staying close to the earth

How much real essence of edibility does your food have? Most items found on grocery shelves are either sugar-coated, frozen, deep-fried, sauced, or otherwise altered to the point of being inedible. Eating "near to the earth" refers to consuming foods that are as close to their natural states as possible, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and even meat. It is a tried-and-true strategy for achieving both inner and exterior calm.

Vocal for local

It isn't a mere passing phase. Restore peace by supporting the local farmers by sourcing your essentials from them. Won't you agree if we say that it is more difficult to overlook the devastation of the virgin rainforest when it happens at your doorstep? Thanks to the revival of the farmers market and their growing popularity, people now have an opportunity to gaze into the eyes of those who raise their food. As our food producers are treated fairly, it builds a chain of sustainable peace. Also, we must swear by fair trade to honouring their efforts. 

Buying from local market, Image Source: Pexels

Going organic

Organic food is more than simply a fad or trendy term. It is a set of values that respect the unseen elements of nature—soil bacteria, microorganisms, the water table, etc. These elements are essential to the sustainable production of our food. And the organic way of food production strikes harmony with mother earth. Naturally, we, as end consumers, can sense it within. 

Growing social with food

Kids cooking together, Image Source: Pexels

From time immemorial, food has been an element of uniting people over a meal. It is an effective tool to bring the social nature out of us. Naturally, the negative energies or contradicting nuances against peace take a back seat as you go social. Love for one another and the environment can be powerfully expressed via gardening, cooking, and eating together. According to studies, "social structure" has a significant role in ensuring that we lead healthier, more tranquil lives.

Be in sync with the season

We all must have heard our grandparents and generations beyond that vouching for seasonal produce. They detest today's availability of a few products around the year. Have you ever had a tasty mango during the winter? Particular fruits and vegetables occur at the time of year when our bodies want them most. It is one of the most unadulterated manifestations of how humans and nature are interwoven. 

Let us know how you celebrated peace through food on this day.