What Are The Negative Effects Of Global Warming On Vegetation?
Image Credit: Global Warming And Vegetation

Impacts of climate change on natural vegetation: The levels of global warming are increasing and affecting everyone gradually. Its effect is visible from trees to plants and rivers as they are dry up. People have also started suffering from many skin-related diseases, and these are just some of the visible effects. But can you imagine life without veggies? Of course, nobody can, but soon the vegetables will disappear from your plate due to global warming. Recently, researchers have warned that if the developed new methods of agriculture and suitable varieties of crops are not adopted, vegetables may become scarce worldwide due to global warming.

Will veggies be scarce in the next decade?

The researchers have warned that if new agricultural methods are not adopted soon, vegetables may become scarce and disappear from our plates. Therefore, the researchers are pointing towards a new agrarian technology like Green Revolution and only after adopting this can vegetables be made available in abundance to the people in the future.

Vegetables will disappear by the end of the century, study finds

The National Academy of Sciences has released this report, and they have stated that vegetables will become scarce by the end of this century. As the water level continues to decrease and the air temperature is getting warmer, the yield of vegetables required for a healthy diet will be reduced by about one-third. Temperatures are expected to rise by 7.2 Fahrenheit (4 Celsius) by 2100, reducing average vegetable yields by 31.5 per cent.

National Academy of Sciences report

The report offered by the National Academy of Sciences is based on 174 studies. The findings are based on a systematic review of studies examining the effects of environmental exposure on vegetables and legumes' yield and nutritional content since 1975.