How did Coca-Cola Become One of India’s Favourite Beverages?

For the people of India Coca-Cola can be termed as a personal attachment, and why not? It’s been years that this drink has settled on our taste buds, and even though a lot of other drinks have come in place , nothing can beat a chilled tin or a bottle of Coke. But, what really made this American drink settle in India's minds forever?

Coca-Cola's first bottle was sold in 1856 by Mr. John Pemberton in a pharmacy shop at Atlanta, a small town in the Georgia District of the United States. The first glass was sold for five cents and was immediately termed delicious and refreshing which seems to be the same till date. Little did Mr. John knew that this drink would be enjoyed world wide and especially in India where people did know have any idea about soft drinks.

Tracing back to the year 1956, which can also be termed as the birth year of Coca-Cola in India, this company made 100% profit, because there was no foreign equity share renewed from the Indian Government those days. This one reason let Coca-Cola bloom in the country until 1974, when the foreign legislation act came into power and Coca-Cola had to leave India. 

In 1977, the comeback was much more powerful with new packaging, co-products and a stronger team which eventually led Coca-Cola to settle into the minds of People. By the year 1999 , Coca-Cola launched themselves under Parle, which also gave limelight to other drinks like Thums Up, Limca and Gold Spot. India holds the 5th place for the largest market of Coca-Cola globally.

Talking about one equally famous drink which has given Coca-Cola a tremendous competition-Pepsi had its terms laid from the day it began. From developing tastes of the drink to packaging and marketing, they never sat backseat.But the war has always been in between the audience who still feel nothing can beat Coca-Cola. 

I am a true Coke lover, let it be as a perfect drink besides pizza or even dal chawal, Coca-Cola gives me the same feeling every single time- Delicious and Refreshing. Hundreds of memories can be felt back when the college canteen was sold out on Coke tins and I used to have a grumpy face all day. As I mentioned earlier, Coca-Cola feels like a personal attachment for the Indians and can never fade away from the minds of the people.