How Can Yogurt Aid Digestion And Gut Health
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Come summers and yogurt becomes quite a staple in a typical Indian meal. It accompanies everything from dal to rice in different forms, not just because of how soothing and comforting it is on a hot summer day, but also because of its many health benefits. Fresh, creamy, cooling, plain yogurt is used across delicacies such as curries, shakes, smoothies and breakfast cereals, simple because it boasts of multiple nutrients. A product of milk, curd naturally is enriched with calcium, vitamin B-2, vitamin B-12, potassium, and magnesium and thus has been found to benefit our body in various ways.  

One of the most popular benefits of yogurt is it being light on the stomach and aiding digestion. Yes, you read that right. A bowl full of thick and creamy curd can improve your gut activity manifold since it is a natural probiotic and contains live bacteria. As per experts, these are good and beneficial bacteria which are known to improve gut activity, soothe inflammations in digestive systems and treat an upset tummy. So, if you have been experiencing several buts of acidity, inflammation in the stomach, bloating or indigestion, perhaps it is time you add more of curd in your regular diet instead of greasy, heavy and fried foods. Experts have suggested at least one bowl of curd every day since live cultures in yogurt can improve the microflora of the gut.  

Gut health or your digestion is a major part of your overall health, which is often ignored merely because the issues in your digestive system are temporary and can be treated. But if ignored for long, it can affect the entire body system.  Here are few ways you can include yogurt in your diet every day besides consuming a bowl as is:  

1. Smoothies  

The thick shake, made from a variety of milks and yogurt with fruit or vegetable purees is a choice of many these days as it comes loaded with a lot of essential nutrients. The drink is not just healthy, low in calories and nutritious, but also super easy and quick to make. Simply wash and peel fresh fruits and vegetables and blend them along with milk of your choice, some gut-friendly yogurt and a natural sweetener of your choice. And that’s it, you have a wholesome breakfast ready in minutes! 

2. Cereal Bowl  

One of the most popular breakfast options, cereal bowls are healthy, wholesome and ready to eat. Simply put your cereals in a bowl of curd and you are good to go. Yes, it is actually that simple! 

3. Pair With Fruits  

Love berries? Add them to your bowl of curd every morning or in the evening for a chilled snack! 

4. Buttermilk and Lassi 

Easily one of the most popular summer drinks, chaach and lassi are just the perfect ways to add yogurt in your diet.   

5. Make Raitas, Dahi Bhalla 

Make a perfect side for your lunch meals with endless varieties of raitas and dahi bhalla.