Women's Health: How To Deal With Weight Gain? Do’s And Don'ts
Image Credit: How To Deal With Weight Gain?

Weight gain in women: Weight gain can occur in women for several reasons. Firstly, it is considered normal during pregnancy and menopause. But besides that, weight gain can lead to many physical issues. Excess weight can later cause irregular periods; besides, if obesity persists, there may be infertility due to polycystic ovaries and hormonal imbalances. Not only this, but weight gain also affects mental health, and she is constantly under stress due to this. It is common to have pain in joints and stretch marks on the skin due to excess weight. Now the question arises how to stay away from the problem of obesity? 

Here we have specific tips to battle weight gain

  • Fresh Fruits and Green Vegetables: Consumption of seasonal vegetables and fresh fruit vegetables helps balance our satiety and nutrition. More low-calorie veggies such as beans, carrots, spinach, onions, tomatoes etc., in your food help. Add fruits like oranges and apples to your diet. A high-protein diet full of pulses, nuts and seeds helps keep us satiated for a more extended period, keeping hunger pangs at bay, leading to weight loss.

  • Eat salads and protein to lose weight: Eat salad before meals as it does not cause extra calories. Eating salad gives our body all the nutritious ingredients. It not only fills the stomach but also prevents you from over-eating. Toss a quick salad with lemon, chaat masala, cabbage, tomatoes. 
  • Untimely eating habits: Avoid eating late at night. Eat two hours before bedtime; it digests the food properly and does not increase weight. Avoid foods that are high in fat; replace them with healthier, more wholesome foods.
  • Drink plenty of water: Since water reboots our body, detoxify it and kick starts weight loss! It is essential as water will keep your digestion well and eradicate the problem of constipation.