How An Year Of Mindful Drinking Can Change Your Life
Image Credit: Photo: Wil Stewart

Remember that you are not sober until you have become very aware of the difference between your old and new self. If you have figured out what your issue was, and where you choose to go from here, you are a hero. Don’t lose that balance now!
When people look at you, they don’t see someone ignorant and miserable. They appreciate that you have beaten your drinking problem. So, what is the harm if you had a problem? The good thing is that you finally came out of it.  
A year of drinking mindfully has taken away all the toxicity which came from drinking without thinking. You may have realised by now that 365 days in a year can really matter. But don’t you want to find out why every bottle of alcohol stimulated you? Maybe it’s time to start now. Why did drinking become a problem? Ask yourself.  
Some may say that they drank to learn about everything related to alcohol. But honesty is very important here. Perhaps you were a sommelier in the past or a person who took a vast amount of interest in tasting whiskies and wines. Just like one person shouldn’t be an extreme workaholic, the same way one shouldn’t drink for the sake of it, even if that’s just a part of work. Then it’s a problem, a nasty habit.

Photo: Efren Barahona

While we don’t know whether non-alcoholic drinks please you, we highly recommend them. They help. Nowadays, you can always make use of apps that help you to change your lifestyle. Start tracking your progress.